I declare and certify that as a volunteer candidate I have been clearly and specifically informed by Esthétique Modèle of the information below:

I understand that Esthétique Modèle can not be held responsible for the harmful consequences resulting from erroneous, obsolete or not yet integrated into the site information, or a misunderstanding of the information on my part. I understand that the information on this site is not intended to replace the recommendations and propositions of my doctor.

I understand that it is my responsibility to check regularly with my doctor that my health condition allows me to participate in a workshop offered on the website of Esthétique Modèle.

I confirm that I have read that by registering on the Esthétique Modèle website via the www.esthetique-modele.com website or via the Facebook page, I consent by my own free will to be part of a file that can be communicated exclusively to health professionals in order to be selected to participate in medical workshops as a model for: - anti-aging face care and injections on my face, neck, or hand (specificity of injections according to the workshop and products such as: hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin or calcium hydroxylapatite, peeling, mesotherapy, laser peels) or thread lifting treatment or body procedures to improve unsightly body curves and bulges with techniques such as cryolipolysis, laser, specific anti-cellulite treatment techniques, etc.

I understand that Esthétique Modèle is acting solely as an intermediary to cast models on behalf of Laboratories or doctors, in order to find and pre-select models who will participate in events and workshops for trainings and demonstrations of face and body care or treatment. Therefore, Esthétique Modèle intervention is only intended to put in contact people looking to profit from free aesthetique anti-age medical care and procedures with health professionals (laboratories and doctors) wishing to organize workshops for trainings and demonstrations. I understand that Esthétique Modèle proposes my file to a medical team for a specific workshop; being contacted does not ensure an automatic participation in the workshop, I can be selected or not by the doctor. I understand that Esthétique Modèle can keep my file in their database and propose me for other workshops. I understand that since Esthétique Modèle is not qualified to give medical advice, Esthétique Modèle will not bring me any expertise and / or information on the acts performed during the workshop, the products used and / or injected, except for their names in the case when the Laboratory or the doctor have previously communicated them, results, possible complications, etc.

I understand that the laboratory or the doctor organizing the workshop, will be able to use a photo and / or film session before / after injections and / or aesthetic procedure, and that he will have to request from me my written and prior authorization to have my image photographed and / or recorded and reproduced and used for the internal or external communication needs of the Laboratory or others; therefore, I certify that I am not bound to any exclusive contract on the use of my image.

I understand that starting from January 1, 2016, people who have been casted, selected and have participated in a workshop proposed by Esthétique Modèle, agree not to participate in any other workshop proposed by another entity. In fact, the Esthétique Modèle database requires a special follow-up of the workshops and the participants. I understand that I undertake not to respond to direct laboratory solicitations, at the risk of being erased from the database.

I understand that my participation in the workshop commits the presence of an entire team of medical professionals. A no-show incident on my behalf would have detrimental consequences on the successful completion of the workshop. In this context, I take responsibility to be present at the appointment/s that have been scheduled and confirmed for me by Esthetique Modele. A no-show incident will result in my profile being permanently deleted from the database.

I understand that some types of workshops require my presence at pre-selection meetings for a preliminary diagnosis. Participation in pre-selections does not guarantee being selected for the treatment (For example: for silhouette treatment workshops with the technique of cryolipolysis).

I certify that I do not have any medical history forbidding me to participate in aesthetique workshops, such as allergies, autoimmune diseases; I understand that in this case my participation in workshops puts at risk my health

I certify that I am not pregnant at the time of my registration and that if this should be the case soon I will inform Esthétique Modèle if the agency came to offer me a workshop during my pregnancy, as this is a major complication.

I understand that I am solely responsible for the information and photographs that I will communicate to Esthétique Modèle and therefore to the laboratory or to the doctor, I pledge in this respect not to declare false medical or other information. I realize that this could be dangerous for my health. Thus, Esthétique Modèle refuses any responsibility for the communication of erroneous information that I have transmitted and / or the non-compliance of the photographs that I delivered.

In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, relative to the Data processing, to the Files and to the Freedoms, you have a right to access and to edit personal data concerning you and being the object of treatments. Your request must be made by mail to contact@esthetique-modele.com. Contractual agreement validated when you register

I understand and agree to receive information from the Esthétique Modèle Agency and its partners via e-mail.

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